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Load Management Program
Piedmont Electric wants to pay you to save money! It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what our Load Management program does for our members.

What is Load Management?

Piedmont Electric will install switches on your air conditioner and water heater. On hot summer afternoons our switches will turn off our water heater and cycle your air conditioner off and on for short periods of time.

Why should I sign up?

Load Management saves you money and reduces your energy use while still keeping your house cool and your water hot! Additionally, Piedmont Electric pays you for participating in the program.
Air conditioning programs (pays June-September)

  • Load Management: pays $2.50/month
  • Load Management Plus: pays $5.00/month
  • Total Management: pays $7.50/month

Water heater program (pays 12 months per year)

  • Full Management: pays $1/month

Interested in signing up for Load Management? We are offering a one-time $25 credit on your electric bill when you sign up for the air conditioning program with a minimum one year participation in the program.

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