2024 Annual Meeting Recap

We held our annual meeting on Friday, April 19 from our Hillsborough office. During the livestream, we shared our 2023 annual report, talked about the latest cooperative news and announced the results from our board of directors election.

Thank you to everyone who voted in the election this year! A total of 854 members voted, with 209 members voting by paper ballot and 649 members voting online. The following members were elected to the Piedmont Electric board of directors: Cy Vernon (District 3), Jimmy Thomas (District 7) and V.Kay Scurlock-Ferguson (District 8).

Winners of the $100 bill credits were Shelba Johnson from Durham County in District 8 and Patricia Saunders from Orange County in District 2.

If you missed the livestream, you can watch it at any time by visiting pemc.coop/annual-meeting.

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