Annual Report 2019: Looking Ahead to 2019 and Beyond

Looking ahead to 2019

Rural broadband

We believe access to high speed internet is a key ingredient to the health of our rural community and economy. We will continue to be an advocate for bringing high speed internet access to rural homes, businesses and schools. Our focus will be identifying partnerships that strengthen the rural communities in North Carolina.

Continue fiber project

Our plans for 2019 include the completion of the cable installation for Phase III of our fiber project. Phase III will complete the main fiber loop and connect all 21 of our substations. By mid-2020, we should have all our network equipment installed and all of our substations communicating over fiber.

Annual meeting changes

As a member-owned cooperative, you play a vital role in how Piedmont Electric operates. One of your opportunities as a member is to vote for our board of directors. Our board is made up of members like you, who live in our neighborhoods and work to make the best decisions for our cooperative. This year, voting is even easier with online and mail-in voting.

New advanced meters

The cooperative is embarking on a system-wide project to replace our existing meters. These new advanced meters will provide numerous benefits to members and the cooperative such as faster outage restoration and operational savings.

Continue to support emerging technology

Emerging technologies are helping members save energy and money like never before! As your local, trusted energy advisor, Piedmont Electric wants to help you get the most out of the new technology you are bringing into your home. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new smart thermostat, electric vehicle or rooftop solar—we may have special programs and rates to help you save money.

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