Annual Report 2023: Powering Progress - Looking Ahead in 2024 and Beyond

Being a local co-op helps us better understand what our members will want and need as our community continues to grow. This understanding helps us develop plans to continue to provide excellent service to our members for years to come.

Building a Brighter Future

Piedmont Electric is committed to providing electricity to members at the lowest possible cost while also enhancing sustainability, setting a significant goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To meet this target and ensure reliability and affordability, Piedmont Electric and North Carolina’s electric cooperatives are prioritizing emissions-free nuclear energy and coordinating a growing number of renewable resources, natural gas and new technologies through advanced grid operations.

Beneficial Electrification

One of the biggest ways we are building a brighter future is by supporting beneficial electrification and advancing initiatives that promote energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the overall well-bring of a community. We are helping facilitate Chapel Hill Transit’s adoption of electric buses and fleet vehicles by offering a special off-peak rate and designing a transformer to power the charging stations. In addition, we continue to promote the use of electric vehicles as an alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, offering members EV rebates and special rates. Moving forward, Piedmont Electric will continue to champion the adoption of electric technologies contributing to a more sustainable and efficient energy future for our members and communities.

Protecting the Bottom Line for Members

Piedmont Electric is committed to keeping our members well- informed and empowered to manage energy costs effectively in the face of a rising cost environment. Your cooperative is dedicated to working diligently to keep rates as low as possible. In addition, we will continue to provide reliable and affordable electricity to our members while maintaining operational efficiency, providing innovative solutions to manage energy, and leveraging a balanced energy portfolio. Rest assured that your cooperative is committed to safeguarding the financial well-being of our members both now and in the future amidst the challenges of this ever changing economic landscape.

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