Annual Report: Looking ahead to 2021

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Exceptional value

Your local co-op strives to provide you with the best service possible while maintaining our goal of being a low cost provider.
This past year we conducted a cost of service study to ensure we can continue to provide you with that exceptional service you have come to expect.
This third-party study showed that only small adjustments will need to be made and no general rate increase will be necessary. More information will appear in this magazine in the months to come.
Piedmont Electric is in good financial position and is prepared to continue delivering upon our goal of providing you excellent service at a good value.

Consistently reliable

We know that electricity powers so much in your life and that you need that connection every minute of every day. We strive day in and day out to provide you with the reliable, affordable service you need and are constantly working to strengthen our electric system.
This year we will be installing new breakers at our Baynes and North Roxboro substations which will help strengthen the reliability in both of those areas.
Additionally, we will be strengthening the transmission line leading to our Baynes substation as well as working on other transmission lines in Caswell County.
Replacement equipment is installed as technology reaches the end of its useful life. Taking this proactive approach helps us provide a stronger system for our members.

Cutting edge technology

In 2021, Piedmont Electric will be installing new meters across our system. These meters will provide members with more information about their energy use which will enable members to make more informed energy decisions.
Additionally, these meters will help your local co-op respond to outages faster and better manage the electric system. This will help ensure that we continue to provide you the electricity that powers your life.

Strengthening our communities

For the past year, Piedmont Electric and RiverStreet Networks gauged interest for a better, sustainable internet solution while also seeking funding from county, state and federal programs.
We are pleased to announce that funding coupled with interest from members in Caswell County has resulted in the funding to build a wireless solution to 2,918 households and businesses in the Caswell area.
There is also a wireless internet expansion project underway in Person County as the result of RiverStreet Networks acquiring NC Lightleap. We hope to have information, including timelines, to share in the near future for both projects.

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