Annual Report 2018: Message from Leadership

Letter from CEO

Our Legacy – Our Future

Letter from the CEO

Stephen B. Hamlin, President & Chief Executive Officer

In 1938, hardworking men and women in our community came together to improve quality of life by bringing electricity to our rural homes and businesses.

To do so, they formed Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation and for the past 80 years, our cooperative has remained steadfast in our commitment to providing safe, reliable and affordable power to our members.

Now, more than eight decades later, we continue to have the same goal of helping our communities prosper by delivering quality service at a good value to our members. We are proud of our legacy of putting people first and working to make our communities a better place to live, work and raise a family.

Our legacy for the past 80 years is what will drive us as we continue to adapt to meet the changing needs and priorities of our membership.

We are committed to building a better, stronger world for our members, and we recognize that we have this opportunity because of the work that was done by those who helped form our cooperative.

We look forward to continuing to be your trusted energy advisor as we strive to build on the successes we have achieved these last 80 years. Our legacy truly is our future.

Bill BarberBoard Of Directors Message

Bill Barber, Chairman of the Board

On behalf of the Piedmont Electric board, I would like to thank you for supporting Piedmont Electric for another successful year.

The board’s responsibility is to give the cooperative the guidance it needs to ensure that Piedmont Electric best serves you, our members. We work very closely with co-op staff to provide planning and policy oversight, evaluate the results of cooperative initiatives and promote ideas and programs that can deliver the best possible service to our member.

As board members, we are looking out for your best interests as we work toward being your ideal utility. To this end, the board meets regularly to review the cooperative’s progress and make strategic decisions.

Each board member is also a member of this co-op and is elected by the membership. This local control ensures that your best interest is always close to home.

The traits that made us successful 80 years ago are the same traits that your cooperative has today, ensuring our future success. These unique traits, the cooperative difference, continue to build our story as shown in the 2017 Piedmont Electric Annual Report.

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