Bright Ideas grants make our communities shine

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how Piedmont Electric helps our community through the Bright Ideas educator grants, we have a couple stories for you.
Bright Ideas excavation

Joseph Sharp: Mock Archaeological Dig

After receiving a Bright Ideas grant, Joseph Sharp was able to integrate a mock archaeological dig into his students’ Civil War unit at A. L. Stanback Middle School in Hillsborough. Students used proper excavating techniques to discover artifacts and analyze the items in their laboratory.
Bright Ideas grant chickens

Michael Bonsignore: Chickens in the Lower School

Thanks to a Bright Ideas grant, Michael Bonsignore extended Carolina Friends School’s garden program by adding a chicken coop to their garden. After students at the Durham school researched chicken breeds and care, they selected their chickens and now care for them as a part of their daily jobs at school. The eggs are collected by the children and used in their cooking interest groups.
These are just two of the amazing projects that were made possible by Bright Ideas grants. Your continued support is what helps us make a difference in the lives of those we serve by helping build a better community. If you’re a local educator with an innovative classroom project, you can apply before the early bird deadline of August 15 or the final deadline of September 3. To learn more about the Bright Ideas grants, click here.

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