Your Co-op Is Making It Easier Than EVer to Go Green and Save Green

For many people who are interested in making the switch to an electric vehicle, one thing holding them back is being worried about a lack of convenient charging stations. However, your co-op has you covered!

Electric cooperatives around the county, including Piedmont Electric Cooperative, have helped to create a rural charging network that helps supplement the pre-existing charging network that exists in mostly suburban and urban areas. This gives you more flexibility to make sure you can charge your EV on the go, whether you’re driving to the mountains, the beach, or anywhere in between.

We currently have installed three EV charging stations throughout our service area:

• A fast-charging station in Carrboro
• A fast-charging station in Mebane
• A regular charging station at our office in Hillsborough

Cooperative Charging Network

Working Together to Build a Reliable Charging Network

Piedmont Electric Cooperative has been able to help create a more reliable charging network thanks to the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality.

In 2020, the department awarded eight electric cooperatives throughout the state more than $700,000 in Volkswagen settlement funding to install 10 high-speed EV charging stations across North Carolina. In 2022, Volkswagen phase 2 was awarded and the co-ops were given an additional $280,000 to deploy six DC fast chargers.

Some of that funding directly went towards the installation of our EV charging stations in Carrboro and Mebane, making it easier than ever for our members to reliably charge their EVs. With more access to EV charging stations in the most rural areas of the state, we hope that more members will feel confident about making the switch to an electric vehicle.

As you can see on the map above, you can plan an EV road trip throughout just about any part of the state, and more charging stations are on the way. To learn more about making the switch to an EV, visit

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