Are You Plugged into Electrical Safety Month?

Every May is recognized as National Electrical Safety Month, which is a time to emphasize electrical safety in our homes, schools and workplaces. Of course, Piedmont Electric Cooperative practices electrical safety year-round and you can too! 

What Your Co-op Does to Practice and Maintain Electrical Safety

Right-of-Way Trimming 

When trees fall on or grow into power lines, it can lead to power outages and create safety hazards. Our team takes a preventative approach by maintaining a right-of-way trimming schedule along our power lines and pad-mounted transformers. 

When trimming, we identify tree limbs that may begin to interfere with power lines and remove them to help keep our communities safe and the lights on. To learn more, visit 

Maintaining Lineworker Safety Precautions 

Our lineworkers play a crucial role in restoring outages quickly so you don’t experience interruptions to your power. This can be a challenging job, but they prioritize safety every step of the way, maintaining proper precautions when working out in the community. 

What You Can Do to Practice Electrical Safety

To help you stay safe around your home and in the community, practice these tips: 

  • Stay away from downed power lines 
  • Avoid overloading electrical outlets 
  • Store extension cords inside 
  • Replace electronic devices with broken plugs, damaged cords or frayed wires 
  • Avoid using extension cords as a permanent household wiring solution 
  • Keep flammable materials away from electrical equipment 

Are you planning to work in your garden in the coming weeks? You may not realize it, but you can practice electric safety in the process. Before you dig in your yard, call 811 to allow utilities to mark buried lines so you can proceed safely. Calling 811 will not only keep you safe, but it can help prevent outages as well. North Carolina law requires that three full days before every excavation, the person responsible places a notification request to NC811. 

Share these tips with your friends and neighbors to help spread awareness about electrical safety this month and beyond. 

Call 811 before you dig
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