Gifts That Keep on Giving

With the holiday season just around the corner, your co-op has your back. We’ve put together some great ideas for gifting energy-efficient gadgets and tools that everyone on your list will love this year. Holiday shopping has never been easier!

electric power tools

Battery-Powered Impact Tools

If you have a DIYer on your holiday shopping list, give them a gift they’ll really love: battery-powered impact tools that are cordless and easy to operate. Battery-powered impact wrenches come in heavy-duty, medium-duty and compact options.

electric lawnmower

Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

Do you have someone on your list who takes pride in their lawn? Consider giving them battery-powered lawn tools, which have zero exhaust emissions. Compared to gas-engine equipment, these battery-powered options are quieter, lighter, low-maintenance and just as easy to operate.

mobile power bank

Portable Power Stations and Banks

A portable power station makes for a practical gift, as it can help keep critical devices and electronics running during emergencies. Many models come with USB ports and standard AC outlets so it’s easy to charge multiple devices at the same time.

electric grill

Electric Grills

It may be cold outside, but it’s never too early to start thinking about spring. Gift your loved one an energyefficient electric grill this year. These grills conveniently cook food without the need for gas or charcoal, plugging into a standard home outlet.

induction stovetop

Induction Cooktops

A portable induction cooktop uses less energy than a traditional stovetop, making it the perfect energy-efficient gift for the cook in your life. These cooktops transfer electromagnetic energy that heats a pan without heating the burner, reaching the target temperature quickly.

Rechargeable Candle Lighter

Looking for a practical stocking stuffer? Consider a rechargeable candle lighter that requires no butane or refilling, instead using a plasma arc beam. Pair it with a scented candle for a gift set anyone will love.


Electric Bikes

Are you shopping for someone who loves to spend time outside? Gift them an e-bike so they can explore the area easily. Electric bikes are a more accessible option compared to traditional bikes, making them a great choice for older adults.

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