Inexpensive Steps you can take to Lower your Energy Bill

Savings tips

Seal up those Gaps

Did you know those little gaps in your windows and doorways can cost you more than $200 a year? Spring is a great time to find those gaps and cracks and use weather stripping or a caulking gun to seal up any leaks you find around vents, ductwork and windows.

Block out that Sun

By simply closing the blinds or pulling the shades on your windows in the warm spring and summer months, you can save about $35 on energy costs. Your local hardware store carries lots of inexpensive window coverings that you can install yourself. Make the investment now and the savings will start piling up!

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters need to be changed once a month to ensure your furnace or air conditioner is performing at peak efficiency. Dirty filters restrict air flow, making your system work longer to heat and cool your home. Get in the habit of changing these filters regularly and watch your energy bills go down in both the summer and winter.

Keep Hot Items out of your Fridge

If you put a hot casserole in the refrigerator, the heat from the dish will warm the air inside the fridge. Your compressor will then have to work harder to cool the air, wasting electricity. Let dishes cool before putting them in the fridge. And if it’s time to replace an outdated refrigerator, make sure to get one that’s ENERGY STAR rated. Investing in energy efficient appliances can save you money.

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