July 4th savings

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Save some green while you celebrate the red, white and blue!

Independence Day is just around the corner and Americans across the country are preparing for a day of backyard picnics, parades and fireworks.

When you’re out celebrating our nation’s birthday, don’t forget to put these energy-saving best practices to good use.

Fire up the grill There’s a good chance you were already planning to grill out for the holiday, but an added bonus is that it will benefit your energy bill. Using your stove not only uses electricity, but it also raises the temperature in your house causing your air conditioning unit to run longer. By grilling outside, you’ll save on energy costs and help keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

Solar powered yard lights Light up your backyard with solar lights that are powered by the sun! This clean energy source will provide your yard with sufficient lighting as day turns to night.

Use the cooler Every time you open the refrigerator door and let cool air out, the refrigerator has to bring the temperature down again. If you’re hosting a barbeque, avoid this issue by filling a cooler with ice and drinks for your guests.

Adjust the thermostat If you’ll be spending the day outside, don’t forget to adjust your thermostat so you’re not needlessly cooling an empty house. And don’t forget to close all your blinds and curtains before you leave to keep the sun and excess heat out of your home.


Pie For the same cost as an apple pie* you can cool down under a ceiling fan for 700 hours.
Hot dog For the same cost as a dozen hot dogs and buns* you can watch your favorite TV show for 1,675 hours.
Sparkler For the same cost as sparklers* you can play your favorite video game for 2,500 hours.

*Calculations are based on a $5 apple pie/75 watt fan, $15 of hot dogs/90 watt 46 inch LED TV, and $30 of sparklers/120 watt PS4 console.

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