Lending a Helping Hand in the Community

Helping Hand Foundation Report

In 2017, Piedmont Electric upgraded Project Helping Hand from a program within the co-op, to a standalone foundation. The newly renamed Piedmont Electric Helping Hand Foundation rounds our participating members’ bills up to the nearest dollar amount each month. Members can opt out at anytime and receive a refund of their contribution. The funds provide financial support for community programs such as aid for members in need, Bright Ideas grants for local educators, college scholarships, youth leadership camps and more!

We are very grateful to our generous members. Thank you for lending a helping hand!

Grants & Applications

Piedmont Electric is proud to support the community by giving back to those who need it most by funding efforts that help pay electric bills for Piedmont Electric families in need.

Beginning in 2018, the Foundation will also help support local nonprofits and Piedmont Electric’s community programs, which include grants to educators, youth leadership camps, college scholarships and the Rural Electric Youth Tour to Washington, D.C.

Helping Hand Foundation Report

*Represents first three months of operation for the Helping Hand Foundation.

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