Join Us in Celebrating National Lineworker Appreciation Day!

On the second Monday of every April, we join electric cooperatives around the country in taking time to thank and honor the lineworkers who go above and beyond to keep the lights on in our communities.

Celebrated on April 10 of this year, National Lineworker Appreciation Day is a special time for us to #ThankALineworker and recognize the hard work they do to ensure reliable electric service for our members. They focus on keeping the lights on so you can focus on what matters most to your family, with full faith that you’ll have the power you need to live your lives.

The simple fact of the matter is that our cooperative couldn’t power your homes and businesses without their hard work day in and day out. And when storms roll in, they roll out to make sure all of our members have power. In times like these, they prove that no matter how tough the weather, our crews are tougher. We encourage you to join us in posting to social media using #ThankALineworker to share your appreciation for those who work to power our lives.

What It Means to Be a Piedmont Electric Lineworker

Our lineworkers are passionate about what they do! Get to know more about one of our heroes and why this line of work means so much to him:

A time when I knew the work we did was making a difference was one year when we worked on Christmas eve. Well into the night, I heard someone come across the radio saying, “Santa Claus is going to be able to see this house tonight!” It made me feel proud to know that I could bring even an ounce of happiness to a family.– Kevin Long | Line Technician | Class A

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