Looking back at 2017

Looking Back on 2017

Last year was another busy one as we continued to provide our members with quality service while focusing on programs that will help our members and strengthen our communities.

Fiber Communications Across Our System

Phase I of installing high-speed fiber optic cable across our system was completed in 2017 which will provide us a high speed communication path to control equipment in our substations and
the field.

Additionally, we will explore leasing our excess fiber capacity to third party internet providers in an effort to improve access to quality broadband in our communities.

Mebane Oaks Substation Energized

Our newest substation was energized in June and significantly enhances reliability and provides capacity for growth in Mebane, Efland and southwest Hillsborough.

Reliability is incredibly important to us and projects like this new substation help us enhance reliability for our members as we continue to work towards being your ideal utility.

Member Focused Information

Several new initiatives put more information in the hands of our members last year. After gathering member feedback, we launched a redesigned monthly bill to provide members with more information in an easy to understand format.

We also started offering high bill notifications to alert members of unusual usage so they can make changes before they receive their monthly bill.

In addition, we provide personalized emails which explain month-to-month changes in your bill giving you the information you need to better manage your energy use.

Excellent Member Satisfaction

Each month we survey members on their experiences with Piedmont Electric in order to stay in touch with what our members want and continue to improve our service based on your feedback. Last year, you gave us our highest scores ever for satisfaction and engagement! We thank you for the kind comments and we promise to continue to make our service even better.

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