Make Your Dollar Go Futher

The easiest way to stretch your dollar is to use energy in your home more efficiently. Not sure how to get started? These tips will help you make the most of the money you spend on electricity each month.

Take Advantage of Money-Saving Programs

Our programs are designed to help you save money year-round! You might find that some of them fit your lifestyle better than others, or you can join them all to maximize your savings.

Time-of-day rate: Pay a lower rate for the energy you use on weekends, most holidays, and 19-20 hours every weekday. Simply shift your energy use away from on-peak times to notice the difference on your bill.

Smart thermostat saving program: Nest smart thermostat owners can join this program to save on cooling costs on very hot summer days. In addition to saving on air conditioning costs, you’ll receive a rebate for joining and a bill credit during the summer months.

Load management: Sign up for this program and we can cycle your air conditioner and/or electric water heater off to reduce usage during high-peak times. By participating, you can receive bill credits based on the specifics of the load management program you choose.

Learn how to join these programs at

Pay Attention to Peak Times and Shift Energy Use Accordingly

Part of our wholesale power cost is determined by how much energy our members use during peak times. When we all work together to reduce usage during peak times, we can save more money on our electricity bills and this savings gets passed on to our members.

You can stay informed about peak times by joining our Beat the Peak program. When you do, you’ll receive text or email alerts about expected peak periods so you can adjust your energy use. Learn how to sign up by visiting

Make Simple Energy-Saving Updates Around Your Home

When your home isn’t energy efficient, you have to use more energy to stay comfortable. Making small updates like changing your air filters monthly or sealing cracks around your windows and doors can help you reduce energy use while staying comfortable. For more energy-saving tips, visit

Need Help?

We’re here for you! Call us at 800.222.3107, email or use the chat here on our website. Our knowledgeable member service reps are waiting to answer your questions or help you sign up for one of our energy-saving programs.

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