No-sweat energy saving tips to try this summer

Are you looking to beat the heat and save on your electric bills this summer? We’ve got some simple tips that make saving energy and money no sweat at all. By joining some of our energy-saving programs and being more aware of your energy habits, your energy bill could be cooling off before you know it.
summer saving tips

Simple programs designed to help you save

We know you already have a lot on your plate, so why not let us do the heavy lifting for you? When you join our smart thermostat savings program, we’ll make slight adjustments to your Nest thermostat through your in-home WiFi to help you save.
Similarly, our load management program helps you spend less by automatically cycling off your air conditioner and water heater throughout the day.
When you join Beat the Peak, you’ll get convenient reminders sent right to your phone when times of peak demand are expected so you can cut back on energy use and help keep rates low.
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Energy-saving habits to remember

Looking for even more ways to save? Keep these tips in mind to help you put money back into your wallet.

  • Remember that fans cool people, not rooms. Only keep fans running if you’re spending time in the room.
  • Keep your thermostat set to 78 F in the summer so you can stay comfortable while still saving money.
  • Replace traditional light bulbs with LED alternatives for a quick, inexpensive way to update your home’s efficiency.

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