Nominating committee meets December 5, 2020

official notice


Three seats on the Piedmont Electric board of directors are up for election in 2021. These seats are currently held by Cy Vernon (District 3), Bill Barber (District 7) and Andy Oakley (District 8). As a reminder, there will be no voting at the annual meeting next year. All voting will be conducted online or by mail-in ballot.
The members serving on the nominating committee are:
KAY FERGUSON – Hillsborough, At Large
JOE CURRIN – Chapel Hill, District 1
GREG MARTIN – Mebane, District 2
GREGORY RUDD – Yanceyville, District 3
DIANNE MURPHY – Mebane, District 4
ADAM SARVER – Roxboro, District 5
CORY MELTON – Roxboro, District 6
MARTIN A. DAVIS – Timberlake, District 7
RON BRIGGS – Rougemont, District 8
SUSAN GRAY – Timberlake, District 9

The cooperative’s bylaws provide an alternative to the nominating committee. Any fifty (50) or more members of the cooperative, acting together, may make additional nominations in writing over their signatures, in like manner listing the nominees separately with respect to the directorate districts from which they are nominated, on or before Jan. 14, preceding the next election of directors. Any member nominated by petition as a candidate for any Directorate must meet the qualifications to serve as a director set forth in section 4.02 before the nominee will be considered for election.
Piedmont Electric’s bylaws can be found here.

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