Official Notice: Facility, Rider and Other Changes for 2023

As your local electric cooperative, we diligently strive each year to keep costs low and are proud that we have not had an increase to our residential rate since 2014.

One of our goals each year is to provide you with exceptional service at the lowest cost. With this goal in mind and in light of the rapid rise in the cost of providing power, we are performing a cost of service study to ensure that we are collecting enough revenue to keep the cooperative financially healthy while best serving you.

If additional changes are needed, we will continue to strive towards our goal of providing you our high standard of service at the lowest cost.

In the meantime, small increases to our facilities charges are needed for continued financial stability. Additionally, Piedmont Electric must comply with state energy efficiency and renewable energy standards. Each year, your local cooperative adjusts these riders up or down to reflect the cost of complying with these requirements.

Also detailed are changes to the cooperative’s storm damage recovery rider, renewable generation net metering rider and what we pay to those who generate solar. Visit to see the complete listing of our rates which are effective May 1, 2023. 

Official Notice Rider 2023
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