Official Notice: Bylaw Changes November 2022

The Piedmont Electric Cooperative board of directors recently voted to amend the cooperative’s bylaws. The changes are to Article IV of the by-laws which pertains to the co-op’s directors.

The board decided to reduce the number of board members from 10 to 9 thereby eliminating the vacant at large seat. Sections 4.01, 4.04, 4.05, 4.06 and 4.09 of the bylaws were updated. A copy of the bylaws can be found at

This decision will result in a cost savings for the cooperative and cooperative members while still ensuring that all members are represented by a member elected from their board district.

All board members are elected by the co-op’s membership via online and mail-in ballots leading up to the cooperative’s annual meeting each April. In 2023, districts 1, 2 and 5 will be up for election. For more information on the candidate nomination process see the official notice above.

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