Piedmont Electric is Partnering With HomeServe

As a homeowner, you don’t trust just anyone to make repairs to the systems in your home. That is why Piedmont Electric is partnering with HomeServe to offer repair plans to members.

Visit PlansPiedmont.com or call 833.334.1874

HomeServe is a leader in home repair solutions, with more than 4.5 million homeowners trusting them to help protect their finances. HomeServe arranges a repair every 49 seconds in the United States and helps homeowners with the expense and inconvenience of water, sewer, electrical, and HVAC home emergencies by offering affordable coverage and bringing prompt, reliable service.Man and a woman stand in a doorway looking at a tablet. They are looking at the HomeServe website

HomeServe offers affordable protection for the systems in your home. Many homeowners aren’t aware that critical parts of the utility equipment on their property are their responsibility. If a breakdown to these systems occurs, it is up to you to find a technician and pay the repair costs.

With a home repair plan from HomeServe, you have the peace of mind that if a covered repair to one of these components in and around your home is needed, HomeServe will be there to help.

HomeServe offers a range of coverage plans designed to help protect you from unexpected costs.

  • Exterior Electric Line Coverage
  • Interior Electric Line Coverage
  • Exterior Water Service Line Coverage
  • Exterior Sewer/ Septic Service Line Coverage
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement Plan
  • Tech Protection Premier
  • Interior Electrical Plus Electric Vehicle Charger Protection

How does a protection plan from HomeServe work?

  1. Call HomeServe’s 24/7 repair hotline
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Get the help covered on your plan

HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. (“HomeServe”), with corporate offices located at 601 Merritt 7, 6th Floor, Norwalk, CT 06851, is an independent company separate from Piedmont Electric Cooperative and offers this optional service plan as an authorized representative of the service contract provider, North American Warranty, Inc., 175 West Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60604. Your choice of whether to participate in this service plan will not affect the price, availability or terms of service from Piedmont Electric Cooperative.

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