Piedmont Electric Spring Planting Guide

Planting Guide

As the warm weather makes its way into the Piedmont Electric service area, our members are starting to get out in the yard and do some work, and so is the cooperative. Throughout the year, Piedmont Electric maintains an aggressive three-year Right of Way maintenance schedule to ensure that each of our distribution lines is clear of excess vegetation to prevent power outages and keep our members safe. Proper Right of Way maintenance allows easy access to lines during emergencies and repairs, and decreases the chance of downed lines near you and your family.

Please keep the following in mind during this planting season to ensure your safety:

Right tree/shrub, right place

When selecting a tree or shrub to plant, it is just as important to consider what you plant as it is where you plant. The right tree or shrub, planted in the right place, can give you years of beauty and value without the potential dangers of growing too close to power lines. Keep in mind that Piedmont Electric should always have clear access to any electrical equipment on your property, especially padmounted transformers.

When planting around padmounted transformers, please keep shrubs, fences and structures 10 feet away from the side with the door and 3 feet from all other sides. Obstructions may be damaged or removed during service restoration or maintenance.

Look up AND down

If you will be doing any planting, call 811 (a free service) at least 5 days beforehand, and a team will mark any underground pipes or lines to ensure that you stay safe while digging.