Powering the Community

power lines

We do more than provide electricity to our 32,000 members; we connect our community by powering their homes, schools, businesses and more!

We’ve invested $166 million in poles, wires, substations and other infrastructure in our service area.

We have more than 3,500 miles of line connecting rural and urban North Carolina.

Piedmont Electric keeps the lights on more than 99.8% of the year despite hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes and other extreme weather events.

Looking for a place to shop or get a great meal? We help power more than 960 local businesses and organizations.

We power more than 520 farms that grow everything from A (alfalfa) to Z (zucchini)!

89% of our members are residential.

There are 123 churches and religious organizations on our lines, giving our community members a place to celebrate their faith.

Students of all ages spend their days learning about science, math and history in the 13 schools we serve.

141 members are connected to solar power through our Community Solar initiative and another 208 have connected solar to our system at their home or property.

We supplied more than 533 million kWhs last year to provide our members with reliable electricity.

11 fire stations rely on Piedmont Electric for power so they can respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently.

In partnership with the USDA, we’ve helped secure more than $12 million in loans and grants to support schools and emergency preparedness in our communities.

115 local citizens are employed by our cooperative.

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