Proactive Ways to Keep Your Energy Bills Lower

Making meaningful changes to how you use energy is one of the best ways you can control how much you spend each month. Here are a few of the best things you can do to better manage your energy consumption.

Make Energy Improvements Around Your Home

Even making small changes can lead to a lower bill. To help you save, consider making these energy improvements throughout your home:

  • Replace your light bulbs with LED options
  • Change out your air filters once per month
  • Install a water heater blanket to insulate your unit and reduce heat loss
  • Set your water heater’s temperature to 120F

Join Our Energy-Saving Programs to Save More Than Just Energy

Let your cooperative do some of the heavy lifting for you by joining our energy-saving programs that can help lower your bill.

  • Take advantage of our time-of-day rate, which lets you pay less for the energy you use during off-peak times. Don’t forget to shift your energy use in the morning away from 6-10 a.m. starting on Oct. 16!
  • Our smart thermostat savings program helps you save on very cold winter and hot summer days by automatically adjusting your Nest thermostat via in-home Wi-Fi.
  • Signing up for Beat the Peak sends you text or email alerts about expected peak time periods as a reminder to help you reduce usage.

You can learn more about how to sign up for these programs by visiting

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