Right-of-way trimming reduces outages and blinks

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On the first page of our newsletter, we list the roads in our service area that will be receiving right-of-way clearing that month. But what does this actually mean? Here’s a quick overview of why right-of-way maintenance is important.

What is a right-of-way?

A right-of-way is the area around our lines that Piedmont Electric has access to in order to maintain or repair the electric system. A right-of-way along a transmission line is 50 feet on both sides of the line, while a right-of-way along a distribution line is 15 feet on either side. This gives large utility vehicles the necessary space to maneuver when work on the lines is needed.

Why do you trim vegetation around the right-of-way?

We trim back the tree limbs in select areas so that they do not interfere with power lines. We understand the importance of trees and vegetation in our communities and will only remove limbs as necessary.
By performing preventative trimming we remove limbs that could potentially fall on or otherwise contact our lines. This helps us provide more reliable service to our members and restore outages more quickly when they occur.
We operate on a three-year right-of-way cycle, meaning that we’ll be in your area once every three years to trim tree limbs near our power lines.

Why is this maintenance important?

When trees or limbs fall on our power lines, particularly during severe weather, there’s a greater chance of power outages within our communities. By performing regular right-of-way maintenance, we can reduce the risk of outages due to fallen trees.
When outages do occur, right-of-way preventative maintenance helps shorten the duration of the outages because power lines are easy to access and not overgrown with trees.
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Help us by planting properly!
Planting the right tree in the right place helps keep our right-of-way clear. Learn how with our Right-of-Way Supervisor Mike Johnson at pemc.coop/planting-guide.

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