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Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day – Sunday, April 22

Here at Piedmont Electric, we challenge ourselves on a daily basis to create and follow initiatives that will reduce our carbon footprint as your energy-efficient electric cooperative. As we celebrate Earth Day this year, we encourage you to consider making a few small changes in your daily lifestyle that benefit the Earth and your wallet.

Paperless Billing IconPaperless billing

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can “go green” is by signing up for paperless billing. Piedmont Electric’s online bill payment portal, SmartHub, offers an eco-friendly and convenient way to manage your account. Simply log in to SmartHub, click “My Profile”, select “Update My Printed Bill Settings” and turn off the “Printed Bill Status.” Other features of SmartHub include: checking your energy usage, automatic payment set-up and updating account information. To access your SmartHub account, click here

EV IconElectric vehicles

These past few years we have added electric hybrid vehicles to our fleet and we are encouraging co-op members to do the same. Members who own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle (EV) are rewarded with a special time-of-day rate for charging their vehicles overnight. To learn more about our EV rate schedule and to sign up for EV time-of-day rates, click here.

Community Solar IconCommunity solar

Piedmont Electric is proud to make solar energy possible for all our members through our Community Solar program. Piedmont Electric members have the option of leasing up to 15 solar panels a month. You then receive a credit on your bill for any energy that the panel creates. Our two solar farms, located in Roxboro and Caswell, contain more than 1,800 panels and generate up to 3,000 kWhs of electricity each day. That’s enough energy to power 70 average American homes a day! Interested in joining the Piedmont Electric solar panel community? Contact Jay Berry, Piedmont Electric Energy Specialist, at 919.644.3449.

Even More Programs IconEven more programs

Piedmont Electric offers several other programs that can help save you money and increase cleaner energy use. These programs include: free energy audits, energy efficiency rebates and loans, Load Management, Beat the Peak and Time-of-Day Rates. To sign up for any of these programs, call 800.222.3107 or fill out this form.

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