Sizzling Summer Savings

Temperatures are on the rise which often cause higher bills. Don’t worry though! Here at Piedmont Electric, we have energy-saving resources that can help you save money even during the hottest months of the year.

sizzling summer savings

Reduce Energy Use With These Tips

Adjust your thermostat. Turning your thermostat to 78°F during the summer can help you save on cooling costs while still maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. If you have a programmable or smart thermostat, you can let that do the work for you, making it even easier to save.

Skip the stove. Using your oven and stove requires a lot of electricity, especially if you’re cooking multiple times per day. To help you save money, consider using your grill, microwave, air fryer or slow cooker, all of which use less energy to cook your food.

Put your blinds to work. During the day, be sure to close your blinds and your drapes to keep the sun from warming your home. This will help you maintain a cooler temperature and prevent your air conditioner from working harder.

Wash strategically. Washing your clothes and your dishes relies on electricity to heat the water and run the machinery. Help cut back on your energy use by only washing full loads together instead of partial loads. Consider letting your clothes and dishes air dry for additional savings. For more energy-efficiency tips, visit

Join These Programs to Save Even More

Another way to save on electricity costs is to join money-saving programs that are available exclusively to Piedmont Electric members. Consider joining any (or all!) of the following programs to help you use energy more efficiently.

Time-of-day, which allows you to pay a lower rate for energy used during off-peak hours.
Smart thermostat savings program, which helps you lower your cooling costs during the summer. Must have WiFi to participate.
Load management, which helps you reduce usage and save money on your air conditioning and water heating costs.
Beat the Peak, which reminds you to conserve energy during peak times.
EV time-of-day, which allows you to pay a lower rate for energy used to charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours.

For a full list of our money-saving programs and information about how to join them, visit

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