Smart Thermostats: Living up to the Hype

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In a time when we are more conscious than ever about our energy usage, investing in a smart thermostat could be one of the most important energy saving decisions you make. Knowing how to use your smart thermostat can save you energy and money!

How smart thermostats work

Self-learning thermostats, like Nest and Ecobee, actually pay attention to your habits at home. After just a few days of changing your thermostat consistently, it will automatically start to adjust its temperature settings based on the data collected. Most learning thermostats come with an app where you can easily view your data, change what the system has planned and adjust the temperature – all from your smartphone.

Your smart thermostat can recognize when you’re home and when you’re away and adjusts the temperature accordingly. These automatic adjustments will keep your home comfortable while also saving you energy and money by reducing your heating or cooling while you are away from home.

Programmable, or scheduling, thermostats also save money by lowering energy usage, but they aren’t quite as customizable as a self-learning thermostat. These thermostats work without a smartphone and you can schedule the temperature settings on a weekly basis for things like when you wake up, leave home, return home and go to bed, on the device. If you tend to stick to a rigid weekly routine, this could be a good option for you.

Comparing costs

While self-learning thermostats are more expensive than programmable thermostats, proper use will lead to higher savings. No matter which thermostat you choose, it often pays for itself in the first year. A smart thermostat not only helps you go green but saves green as well.

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