SmartHub: The App That Virtually Does It All!

As your local cooperative, part of our job is to make sure you have tools at your disposal to help you better manage your energy use. At the same time, we understand that many of our members don’t have extra time to spend thinking about how to save energy and money. That’s where our powerful SmartHub app comes into play.

SmartHub does it all

Pay Your Bill Automatically

Never worry about accidentally missing your next bill by setting up automatic bill payments in the SmartHub app. All you have to do is log in to your account, go to the Billing and Payments tab and choose the Auto Pay Program option.

When setting it up, you can choose to have the payment come directly out of your bank account or get charged to a debit or credit card each month. With our Budget Billing option, you can have the same amount drafted each month so you’ll always know what you have to pay. Just call 800.222.3107 to enroll.

Track Your Energy Use

The easiest way to save money on your electric bill is to pay attention to how you use energy and make adjustments from there. Using SmartHub makes it easier than ever. Once you’re logged in to your account, go to the Notifications tab and choose Manage Notifications.

From there, you can sign up for daily alerts to receive an email that shows a snapshot of your usage from the previous day. This will give you more insight into which energy-saving actions will have the biggest impact on your bill. You can also view historical data in your account by looking at daily and monthly usage on the My Usage tab.

Report an Outage, Ask a Question

Finally, SmartHub makes it easier for you to reach our team. You can use the app to reach out to us with questions whenever one pops up. You can also use SmartHub to submit a service request quickly and easily.

Perhaps best of all, you can even report an outage from the app with just a few taps. Simply let us know about the issue and we’ll get right to work fixing it.

Take advantage of SmartHub today by visiting or by downloading the SmartHub app on your smartphone or tablet.

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