Spring into energy savings...while you're spring cleaning!

spring cleaning energy saving
With winter wrapping up, many of us are ready to freshen up our homes with some good, old fashioned spring cleaning. While you’re clearing out the dust and preparing for a new season, it’s a great opportunity to take a few minutes to maximize your home’s energy efficiency.
Here are some of our favorite spring cleaning energy-saving tips:

Redirect your ceiling fansreverse ceiling fan

After dusting off your ceiling fan blades, take the time to change the rotation of your blades to be counterclockwise for the spring and summer. This direction pushes cool air down and creates a breeze. But remember, fans cool people, not rooms, so turn off the ceiling fan when you leave.
To save even more, try using your ceiling fans on warm spring days instead of turning on your AC as it uses much less energy.

Change out your air filters

We recommend replacing your air filters every month to ensure that air can easily flow through your home which lowers your energy costs and can help extend the life of your heating and cooling system.
An easy way to go green in your home is to invest in reusable filters that you clean every month instead of replacing!

seal leaks

Seal air leaks

If you have small air leaks around your doors and windows, you’re letting warm air in during the summer. Take care of the issue now by using caulk to seal those gaps.
This will help your heating and cooling system to work more efficiently which saves you money all year long.


Want more tips?

Check out our energy-saving guide with 101 easy ways to save energy and money by using the button below or stop by one of our offices for a printed brochure.

101 ways to save

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