Start the New Year off Right

With a new year comes new opportunities to make the changes you’ve been considering. Whether you’re hoping to go green, save green or both, we’ve got some ideas to help you meet your resolutions this year.

Join Money-Saving Programs

Saving money on your energy costs is easier as a Piedmont Electric member. You can opt into any (or all) of our energy saving programs to help you save money throughout the year. Our smart thermostat program helps you save on cooling costs on very hot days, while our time-of-day rate lets you pay less for the energy you use during off-peak hours.

We even have an electric vehicle time-of day rate that gives you access to a lower rate when you charge your EV overnight, helping you save green while you go green. Learn how to join these programs by visiting

Calculate How to Save

Have you ever wondered how much energy the appliances and devices around your home actually use? How much will it really help you save if you do one less load of laundry each week?

Our collection of calculators and apps can help you determine how much it costs to power your home so you can make meaningful adjustments to save on your bill. Start calculating by visiting

Monitor Your Energy Use

The key to spending less money on your electric bill is understanding how you’re using energy. Our SmartHub app can give you more insight into your daily energy habits so you can prevent unexpected bills each month. To make it even easier for you, you can sign up for high-usage alerts that will send you a notification when you exceed a daily kWh usage you set for yourself.

Best of all, this usage monitoring will show you how the programs you join translate to actual savings. For example, after signing up for our time-of-day rate, you can compare your energy usage to the previous month to see exactly how much participating in the program helped you save. Visit to get started.

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