Start the new year with savings!

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The beginning of a new year serves as a fresh start and a time to make small changes to set yourself up for success in 2018. One common resolution is looking for ways to save money, and Piedmont Electric is here to help! We have a variety of programs to help you save both energy and money throughout the year.

Beat the Peak

A significant part of our energy costs is determined by the amount of energy used during peak times. Our Beat the Peak program alerts you via text or email when a peak time is expected. This allows you to take measures to reduce your energy consumption such as turning off appliances and postponing hot water use.

Load Management

Joining our Load Management program is a hands-off way to help you save. When you sign up, we install load management switches on your air conditioning and/or water heater meters. When a period of high demand is forecast, the switch cycles your air conditioner and turns off your electric water heater. By participating in the program, you will receive a credit back on your bill!

Time-of-Day Rates

By participating in our time-of-day rates program, you will pay a lower rate for the energy you use during off-peak hours on weekdays and all weekends. Reducing the amount of energy used during on-peak hours helps our cooperative save money.
On-peak hours are weekdays
6 a.m.–10 a.m. from October to April and weekdays 1 p.m.–6 p.m. from April to October.

Other Ways to Save

Aside from our money-saving programs, we also offer rebates to our members. Current rebates include $1 per LED bulb purchased and up to $200 back when you install a new electric heat pump.

Additionally, a free home energy audit is available to all Piedmont Electric members. The analysis is performed by an energy specialist who will make recommendations for home energy improvements.

Click here to learn more about our programs and offers to help members save energy and money.

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