Stay Warm This Winter: You're In Control!

Stay Warm This Winter, But Remember, You Pull the Energy!
Did you know that heating and cooling your home is one of the most expensive parts of your energy bill each month? Many members are surprised this time of year by expensive energy bills caused by the colder weather. When the temperature drops outside, your heating system has to work harder to keep your home comfortable, which requires more energy and raises your energy bill.
Remember, unlike some utilities, such as cable, which charge you a fixed price each month for a service no matter how much you use, Piedmont Electric only charges you for the power you use each month. This puts your energy bill completely in your control! If you and your family can find ways to use less energy, you’ll see a lower energy bill.

What can I do to help control my usage?

Technology has come a long way in a number of industries, including electricity. Programmable thermostats are a great way to reduce your heating and cooling energy usage for a reasonable cost. Programmable thermostats work by lowering the temperature of your home while you are away and then bringing your home back to a comfortable temperature by the time you return, as efficiently as possible. You simply tell your thermostat your habits and it will do all the work for you! Programmable thermostats start as low as $25 or can exceed $200, if you want a powerful Nest Learning Thermostat, which learns your habits and can cut your heating bills by 12%.

How can I monitor my usage?

Piedmont Electric offers a number of ways for our members to monitor their energy usage. Our SmartHub application offers daily information about energy use in your home. We also offer the Analyze My Bill tool which takes your actual energy bill and shows you where and how you use energy.

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