The Cooperative Difference Makes All the Difference

Think being a Piedmont Electric Cooperative member is no different than being a customer of any other electric utility? Think again! Here’s what makes being a member of a cooperative so special.

Every Member Matters and Has a Voice

As part of our co-op, you can let your voice be heard in our yearly board of directors election. As a cooperative member, you have a say in our leadership, how we operate and the direction we take. We also conduct monthly surveys and annual focus groups to get feedback from those we serve to make better decisions.

Community Benefits

Piedmont Electric is proud to put our members and communities first. We invest in our communities by offering scholarships to students, providing zero-interest loans to local emergency responders, supporting our teachers and building sustainable infrastructure like EV charging stations. Since you live right here in our communities, as a member, you benefit from these initiatives.

You’re a Member-Owner

As a not-for-profit business, our goal is not to make more money for shareholders. Instead, all of our members are also owners, and our primary goal is to provide safe, reliable electricity at an affordable price and with exceptional service for you.

Money Returns to Our Members

Your local co-op returns margins back to members in the form of capital credits. The amount you receive is based on your electricity use in the year of the margins. In December we will issue capital credits to those who were members in 1995 and 1996. To see if you have unclaimed capital credits, visit

Access to Money-Saving Programs

When members work together to lower energy use, we can all save money. To make it easier for you to save, we’ve developed energy-saving programs for all of our members. Explore ways to pay a lower rate for the energy you use, get credits back on your bills and more by visiting

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