Time-of-Day Rate

Get more out of your summer with a Time-of-Day Rate!

With a Time-of-Day Rate, you pay a lower rate for the energy you use during OFF-PEAK hours on weekdays. Weekends and most holidays are also considered OFF-PEAK hours.
The average member saved more than $20 per month by switching to a time-of-day rate last year!
Time-of-Day Rates: Shows when to use energy, on-peak vs off-peak.
If you are on this special rate, follow these tips to make the most of your energy dollars:
– Program your thermostat to avoid on-peak hours.
– Do laundry and dishes during off-peak hours and install a water heater timer.
– Charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours.
To sign up for a Time-of-Day Rate, call us at 800.222.3107 or complete this form.

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