What does it mean to be a co-op lineworker?

What does it mean to be a co-op lineman?

On April 11, we celebrate the brave lineworkers of Piedmont Electric and other electric co-ops across the country with National Lineworker Appreciation Day. While we are grateful to them year-round, it’s a special opportunity to let them know just how thankful we are for the hard work they do to keep our electricity on day and night.

We interviewed a few of our lineworkers to learn more about what this job means to them.

Brian Rhew


Brian Rhew (Crew Leader, 27 years with the co-op) It means a lot to me to be a co-op lineworker because of the camaraderie we have together on the crews. Piedmont Electric is a family-oriented business and we are all about community. I’ve lived here my whole life which makes working in this community very personal.


Hunter Cox


Hunter Cox (Lineman Trainee, 4 years with the co-op) To me, being a co-op lineworker means that my company takes care of me, is family-oriented and provides training. When storms come in, I always learn a lot from the other lineworkers since every situation is different during storm restoration.


David Tilson


David Tilson (Crew Leader, 22 years with the co-op) Being a co-op lineworker means we focus on our members and on safety in everything we do. That’s the whole difference with the co-op.



Remember to use #ThankALineworker on social media this month to show your appreciation!

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