Understand Your Bill, Understand Your Energy Use


Piedmont Electric offers a number of tools to help you understand your energy usage, each with its own unique way of helping you save energy and money!

Your Bill

Your bill contains more information than you might think. Along with the total amount owed, your bill also tells you exactly how many kilowatt hours (kWhs) you used during a period, and compares that total with the last month, the same month last year and the previous 24 months. You can use this information to detect abnormal energy usage, which could indicate a faulty appliance or energy habit.

So What’s in a Kilowatt Hour? 

A Kilowatt hour (kWh) is a unit of measurement for electricity consumed. A kWh is equal to the amount of electricity ten 100-watt light bulbs would use in one hour. We set our rates based on kWhs, and the amount of kWhs you use is part of how we determine your final bill.

Online Applications

Your bill provides plenty of information, but by the time you receive your bill, it is too late to save money for that month unless you take advantage of our SmartHub daily usage information. Use the following calculators and applications to address energy issues early:

Analyze my bill tells you about your home usage based on your bill

Heating Calculator compares heating methods and explains heating costs

Smart Hub provides daily usage information, and online access to your bill

Remember, Piedmont Electric is your trusted energy advisor! To learn more about the programs and services we provide, like free Home Energy Audits and usage information, visit the Save Energy and Money section of the website or call 800.222.3107.

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