Vacation planned? Save energy while you’re away!

Summer VacationSummer is a great time to get away for some rest and relaxation with family and friends. Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip, a relaxing beach getaway or a big family reunion, don’t forget to prepare your home so that you can save energy and money while you’re away.

Air Conditioning

With everyone out of your home for a few days, there’s no reason to keep the house cool. If there’s no one around to enjoy the cool temperature, don’t leave your thermostat set to 72. Instead, turn your thermostat up to 85.
For every degree your thermostat is raised during hot summer months, you can save up to three percent on your electricity bill.

Water Heater

You also won’t need hot water while you’re away. Turn the temperature down on your hot water heater or set it to vacation mode to save energy.


Did you know that even when your television and appliances are turned off, they still use electricity? Computers, printers, TVs, tablets, MP3 players, DVRs and cell phone chargers – anything that uses a transformer or power brick is “ON” whenever it’s plugged in.
Before you leave, walk through your house and unplug every unnecessary appliance and electronic device. This simple step will not only save energy while you’re away, but it also eliminates a possible fire hazard from heat buildup or a short circuit while no one is home.

Automatic Lights

Some people don’t want their houses to look unoccupied while on vacation because it’s easy for burglars to spot. Leaving a light on inside the house so that it looks like someone is home is a common safety tip. While this is a good idea, it’s an unnecessary waste of energy. Thanks to timers, you can set certain lights to turn on and off at specific times of the day.

Save Money and Stress on Vacation

Although vacations are fun for the whole family, they can be expensive. Save some money on your electric bill while you’re away by practicing these tips and tricks. Bon voyage!

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