The Value of Electricity Continues to Shine

The cost of everyday items has gone up dramatically over the years. Electricity being the exception. While the prices of commodities like food, fuel and housing have experienced significant increases, electricity costs have not seen the same price increases. Members have come to rely on consistent and affordable electricity to power their daily lives.

So the next time you flip a switch, run your washing machine or charge your phone, remember the value electricity holds.

1938 Cost of Living

2023 Cost of Living

House $3,900 House $436,800
Average Income $1,731 Average Income $56,940
New Car $860 New Car $48,008
Average Rent $27 Average Rent $1,900
Gasoline 10¢ per gallon Gasoline $3.50 per gallon
Milk 50¢ per gallon Milk $4.32 per gallon
Bacon 32¢ per pound Bacon $6.67 per pound
Eggs 18¢ per dozen Eggs $4.21 per dozen
Estimated number of farms in NC 209,000 farms Estimated number of farms in NC 47,300 farms

Cost of Electricity 7¢ per kWh

Cost of Electricity 12.75¢ per kWh

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