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RiverStreet Networks began as an extension of Wilkes Communications in Wilkes County, NC. After more than 60 years of providing telecommunications services and enhancing Wilkes County with an all active, fiber-to-the-home network, Wilkes Communications wanted to continue the trend of access to high-speed internet in rural America by branching out.

Even with the telecommunications industry undergoing tremendous changes, RiverStreet Networks is dedicated to providing their customers with the latest in technological advancements and services available today. With decades of experience they stand behind their reputation as an industry leader and are ready to bring the same winning formula of excellent customer service combined with a state-of-the-art collection of services to you.

Where will this service be available?

RiverStreet is searching for areas to expand its network. They use the information provided by individuals through Join.BuildPiedmont.com to determine where to expand.

The first phase will be wireless internet service followed by a potential future phase with high-speed fiber to the home for internet, entertainment and phone services where financially viable.

By registering your address at the website, you are expressing your interest in having RiverStreet services. It’s really that simple! Once enough interest has been expressed in a specific area, RiverStreet will consider expanding their service network there. Bringing fiber optic service to a neighborhood is expensive and requires a large amount of resources and labor. The more supporters in your zone, the more likely RiverStreet is to bring high-speed internet service to your door.

Why is RiverStreet only offering wireless internet service to start?

You may only have wireless options initially because wireless is a quicker and less costly solution to deploy. As interest in the wireless service grows, there may be enough growth to justify the additional cost of fiber to the home.

How much will this wireless service cost?

RiverStreet expects wireless internet speeds of 25 MB download and 3 MB upload will cost approximately $70 per month plus fees and taxes. Speeds and pricing may vary. Qualified low-income applicants can receive a discount. No contract will be required for wireless internet service.

How will I know when internet service is available in my area?

RiverStreet will send out information by mail and/or email with instructions on how to get you connected.

Where can I learn more?

Visit Join.BuildPiedmont.com, stop by a Piedmont Electric office or call us at 800.222.3107.

How do I express my interest?

Register your interest at Join.BuildPiedmont.com. This is a website where prospective customers can inform RiverStreet of where internet service is unserved or underserved. By registering your address you are expressing interest in internet services, there is no commitment required. Once enough interest is gathered in your area, RiverStreet will begin developing an internet solution. You can stop by one of our offices or a public library to register if you do not have access to the internet.

*The rollout will occur where interest from members justifies the build out cost. The service will not be available to all members immediately. However, as the network and technology grows our goal is to connect as many unserved and underserved members as possible. The first phase will be wireless internet service only followed by a future phase with high-speed fiber to the home for internet, entertainment and phone services where financially viable.

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