Your co-op employees, your neighbors

The people who go to work every day to serve you as a member of our cooperative are more than just employees; they’re also your neighbors. Hear from the heart of your co-op about why they love being a part of Piedmont Electric.
pam lewis
I have been so blessed to be a part of Piedmont Electric, especially being able to work in the Caswell County office. The relationships that you form with members become more than a “provider/member” relationship, they become lasting friendships.
dale tuck
I love working at the co-op because I get to help people in the community by fixing issues they have with their electricity. As a lineman, I feel appreciated by our members as they are always saying that we do a good job at keeping the lights on and responding quickly to outages at Piedmont Electric.
jessica king
The co-op is close to my heart because I’ve developed relationships with so many members and it’s awesome to know that I can help them. I also love the great work environment at Piedmont Electric.
dawn reinwald
I like being a part of the co-op because I think we are truly member focused and our actions here are driven by making our members’ lives better and giving back to the communities we serve. I also love working for the coop because it has created a second family for me. We truly care about each other and our members. I am extremely proud of what I do and how we do it.
julia bradsher
I love working for a company that is concerned about its members. I appreciate the way the co-op reached out to members and assured them that we care and will work with them during the COVID-19 crisis. As a member service representative, I enjoy helping people and being there to listen.

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