Your Guide to Smart Spring Planting

There’s a slight breeze in the air, the sun is shining more and the days are getting longer. Spring is finally here! If you’re like us, we love spending this time outdoors tending to our yards and gardens. Before you head out to start planting, make sure you’re doing it safely by following these tips.

Couple Gardening Outside

Call 811 before you dig.

Several days before you plan to dig around your yard, call 811 to have someone mark any underground pipes or lines. This service is completely free and will give you peace of mind that you can work on your gardening project without putting yourself or your family in danger.

Plant the right tree in the right place.

When you’re planting new trees and shrubs, be sure to choose a species that won’t grow too tall and interfere with power lines. If you’re within 15 feet of an overhead power line, you should choose large shrubs or small trees that grow no more than 20 feet. Trees planted 20 to 50 feet from a power line should grow no more than 40 feet tall.

Don’t forget about clearance near transformers.

Piedmont Electric should always have clear access to any electrical equipment on your property, including padmounted transformers. As a good rule of thumb, shrubs should be planted at least 10 feet away from the side with the door and 3 feet away from all other sides of the transformer. This clearance applies to fences and other structures on your property as well.

Be responsible when pruning.

Trimming trees and shrubs is a normal part of yard maintenance, but take care when you do it. You should never get close to electrical equipment when pruning. Piedmont Electric maintains a three-year right-of-way maintenance schedule throughout our service area to keep power lines clear so you don’t have to do it yourself. Use plants to your advantage.

Use this to your advantage to help you save on energy costs.

The right planting strategy can help improve energy efficiency around your home. Trees and shrubs can provide extra shade to your air conditioning unit, helping it to run more efficiently.

Thank you for doing your part to keep us all safe and help prevent outages this spring! Visit for more information.

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