Save money, stay cozy

Nothing will make you appreciate your heating system like the cold winter months!

It’s fun to watch the snow fall in winter – from the warmth of your heated home. But what’s the best way to keep your house comfortable when it’s freezing outside? Read on to learn the most efficient way to heat your home this winter.

Heat pump icon
Heat Pump

The most common way to heat your home is the heat pump system and it’s more efficient than electric resistance heaters. Set your thermostat to 68°F during the winter to save money and maintain comfort. Consider a programmable thermostat to avoid heating your home while you are away.

Emergency Heat icon

Auxiliary or Emergency Heat

Many heat pumps have a backup auxiliary or emergency heat feature that turns on when the heat pump is not able to warm your home to your desired temperature. This feature is costly to run and will result in higher bills. Only use this option in extreme weather or system failure.

Space heater icon
Space Heaters

These devices can efficiently heat small rooms. To save, make sure you turn down your home’s thermostat before turning on your space heater. Also, if you have a space heater running in every room, turn them off and turn your thermostat up a few degrees as your heat pump would more efficiently heat your home. Be sure to follow the directions to use your space heater safely.


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