5 Things You Need to Be Doing to Save Energy

Maytag heat pump

It happens every year: the days grow longer, the sun shines brighter and air conditioners across North Carolina start running more often. While hot weather and high energy use go hand-in-hand, there are still many things you can do to help cut back on your energy usage.


1. Keep your air conditioner from being overworked

Install a programmable thermostat for your home, which lets you automatically set the temperature according to your schedule. Don’t pay to keep your home at a comfortable temperature when you aren’t there to enjoy it!

It’s also important to remember to change your air filters monthly so your system works more efficiently.


2. Be mindful of hot water usage

Consider installing low-flow shower heads to cut back on overall water usage. To further reduce costs, adjust your water heater’s temperature to 120°F.

Turn your hot water heater off or turn the temperature down when you leave on vacation.

3. Blinds and shades

Use blinds and shades to cover your windows, shade the inside of your house and help keep your home cool.

4. Use lighting wisely

If you haven’t already, replace incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs, which use 90 percent less energy.


5. Small changes add up

Raise the temperature of your A/C and use ceiling fans to stay cool. Fans use less energy than A/C, so using them in place of A/C lowers your bill and gives a similar cool feeling. Also, move lamps and televisions away from your thermostat, which can sense the heat they give off, causing your air conditioner to run longer.

By making these adjustments in your home, you can expect to see your energy usage – and your bill – reduced.