A perfect pair for savings

perfect pair for savings
Summer will be here before you know it! Sign up for these energy-saving programs now so you’re prepared when the hottest part of the year rolls around.

Want to maximize your energy savings? Our time-of-day rate and smart thermostat savings program work best when used together!

When you sign up for a time-of-day rate, you pay a lower rate for the energy you use during off-peak hours. Then when you participate in our smart thermostat savings program, you allow Piedmont Electric to adjust your thermostat on very hot afternoons in the summer through your in-home Wi-Fi which you must have in order to participate in the program. This coincides with summer peak times, helping you to maximize your savings with no extra effort on your part.

Want to make it even easier to save? Program your smart thermostat to automatically cut back or turn off during high-peak times so you’re only using your system during the most economical parts of the day.

Not sure if the time-of-day rate is right for you? Try it for a year and if you don’t save compared to our regular rate, we’ll give you the difference back!

Get started today by signing up at pemc.coop/thermostat and pemc.coop/timeofday.

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