Annual Report: Build for the Future

Piedmont Electric is invested in creating a utility that can serve its members today and well into the future. To do this, Piedmont Electric spends time evaluating new systems, ideas and technologies that can prepare the cooperative for tomorrow’s power needs while continuing to serve and provide good value to our members.

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Meeting the Needs of Our Growing Community

In 2017, the cooperative will energize the Mebane Oaks substation and associated transmission lines, which significantly enhances reliability and provides capacity for growth in Mebane, Efland and southwest Hillsborough.

Last year, we were able to keep the lights on for 99.98 percent of the year, and projects like the Mebane Oaks substation will help improve our reliability and meet the needs of our growing communities.

Electric Vehicles

As more and more of you are buying electric vehicles, we are exploring ways to help you better utilize your new purchase, including a new electric vehicle rate schedule.

Piedmont Electric is also planning to install a public charging station at our Hillsborough headquarters. When integrated into the electric system properly, electric vehicles can provide benefits to the entire community beyond just great gas mileage!

 Fiber Communications Across Our System

We are in the process of installing high-speed fiber optic cable, which will connect each of our offices and substations. The fiber will improve data transfer and provide better backup capabilities for our IT systems. The fiber will also allow us to provide a high speed communication path for the system which controls equipment in our substations and also collects data on power use.

Listening to Member Needs

As a cooperative, we are owned and controlled by our members. We are continuously asking you for your feedback through online focus groups, member surveys and comments shared with our employees. We’ve heard what you want and we are using your input to continue to improve our service and provide an even better value.

The Utility of the Future

Our lives are becoming more connected every day. Not only are we keeping up with the world on smart phones and tablets, but even devices like our thermostats, washing machines and refrigerators are now connected to the internet.

At Piedmont Electric, we are constantly improving our service so that we can meet your changing and growing electric needs. We strive to provide good value to you, our member, today and into the future.

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