Capital Credits: Coming to a Mailbox Near You!

Donation concept money inside of gift boxAs a not-for-profit cooperative, we return margins back to our members. This year we will be returning $1.2 million to those who were members in 1995 and 1996. This completes the return for 1995 and covers half of 1996.

Each year, our member-elected board of directors decides whether our co-op can return capital credits, how much will be returned and which years are returned. Holding capital credits helps keeps our rates low as it reduces the amount of money we need to borrow in a given year.

How to Receive Your Capital Credits

If you were a member in 1995 or 1996, and your capital credit is less than $20, you’ll receive your capital credit as a credit on your December bill. If your capital credit is $20 or more, then you’ll receive a check with the full amount in the mail by the end of December.

Checking for Unclaimed Capital Credits

If you know someone who has moved out of our service area over the last few years, they may have money waiting for them in the form of capital credits. If we don’t have their new address when a member moves, we’re not able to send their capital credits to them. You can check to search for unclaimed capital credits for friends and family members who may have moved.

While we always attempt to contact former members, capital credits that go unclaimed after four years must be turned over to the state treasurer’s office. Your friends and family can claim that money by visiting

Consider Paying It Forward

Want to give back during the holiday season? Consider donating your capital credits to our Helping Hand Foundation. The money you donate will directly support energy assistance efforts for individuals in need, grants that support teachers and community safety. If you’d like to support the Helping Hand Foundation visit to give any amount at any time. Thank you for your generosity as you help strengthen your local community! Hunters Be Aware.

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