Control Your Bill During the Hottest Months

As a member of Piedmont Electric, you are able to to take advantage of programs and tools we offer to help maximize your energy efficiency. Our goal has always been to provide safe and reliable power at the lowest cost possible for our members. One of the ways we achieve that goal is by helping you save money on your monthly bill.

Think about when you use power, not just how much you use

During the summer, peak times are in the afternoon when temperatures are highest. The hot weather causes our members to use more energy to keep their homes cool.

This excess use contributes to higher energy costs overall for our cooperative since peak energy is the most expensive type of energy to produce. We encourage our members to decrease energy use during peak times by raising their thermostat up three degrees in the summer and unplugging electronic devices.

Check in with SmartHub

If you’re trying to lower your energy bill, SmartHub is one of the best tools at your disposal. You can log in to your account and monitor your daily usage and determine how to make adjustments to your energy consumption.

This powerful tool allows you to see the effects of the changes you make by the next day. You can access your SmartHub account from a desktop computer or on the go from a tablet or mobile device.

Take advantage of a free home energy audit

As a Piedmont Electric member, you have access to a free home energy analysis in which an energy specialist will be sent to your home to make suggestions for energy efficiency and home comfort improvements.

This free analysis includes checking your home’s insulation and potential leaks around windows and exterior doors. To schedule your home energy audit call 800.222.3107.

As your trusted energy advisor, Piedmont Electric is proud to offer these energy efficiency programs to you, our valued members.

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