Electric Vehicle FAQ

You’ve likely heard or read that most automakers are transitioning many or all their new vehicles to electric-only models over the next 10 years. Regardless of the type of car you drive today, the electrification of the transportation sector is underway.

We get a lot of questions about electric vehicles (EVs) from Piedmont Electric Cooperative members, so we thought it would be helpful to respond to some of those frequently asked questions.

Mother showing daughter how to charge electric vehicle

Why is Piedmont Electric involved in EV infrastructure projects?

All electric utilities are planning now to ensure they have the necessary electric infrastructure in place to meet current and future EV charging needs without jeopardizing the ability to keep reliable power fl owing to our local homes and businesses. As your trusted, local energy provider, Piedmont Electric is best suited to advise and help our members and local businesses plan for the electric vehicle future.

Can I charge my EV using an existing outlet or do I need a special outlet?

All EVs come with a 110-volt-compatible (Level 1) charging unit which can be plugged into any standard household outlet. For an eight-hour overnight charge, this will enable traveling around 36 to 40 miles a day. If you typically drive longer distances or are in a hurry, a Level 2 charger takes about half the time and provides about 180 miles of range over an eight hour charging period. A Level 2 charger must be installed by a licensed electrician. A 240-volt outlet, like those used by your dryer, can also be used.

Will an EV meet my daily driving needs?

If you are like most Americans and drive an average of 30 miles a day, an EV can meet your daily needs.

What kind of incentives are available for EVs?

Piedmont Electric offers a $50 rebate for members with an EV and an additional $50 rebate for those members who sign up for our EV time-of-day rate. This rate helps you save when you charge your vehicle overnight. There are a variety of tax credits, rebates and other incentives available for EV purchases.

Visit afdc.energy.gov/laws/electric-vehicles-for-tax-credit to learn about federal incentives available through the Clean Vehicle Credit program.

Should I let my co-op know if I purchase an EV?

Yes! If you purchase an EV, please let us know so we can better serve you. As more Piedmont Electric members buy EVs, it’s helpful to know where they’re located in our area so we can ensure we have the necessary infrastructure in place to meet charging needs and provide reliable power to our local homes and businesses.

We understand making the switch to an EV is a big decision. Whether you’re ready to make an EV purchase or wondering if an EV can meet your daily driving needs, we’re here to help you make an informed decision. Give us a call at 800.222.3107 or email us at info@pemc.coop for more information.

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