Hot energy-saving tips for cold winter weather

cold weather energy saving tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but maybe not for your electric bill, unless you take small steps to make energy-conscious choices.

Follow these hot energy-saving tips to keep your days merry and bright for the right price.

Play it smart: Install a smart thermostat that learns your temperature preferences over time and helps you heat your home in the most efficient way possible. As a bonus, if you have a Nest thermostat and home WiFi, you can sign up for our smart thermostat savings program to help you save even more. You’ll get a $50 rebate just for joining, plus bill credits in the summer. Learn more at

seal leaksDo the prep work: Windows can be a big source of heat loss in your home. Use caulk to seal any gaps around your windows to prevent cold air from coming inside. You can also apply temporary plastic window coverings to help keep your home at a more comfortable temperature.

Go slow and steady: Setting your thermostat very high doesn’t heat up your home any faster, but it does cost more money when your heat strips turn on. Instead, adjust your thermostat up by only a few degrees at a time for maximum comfort at an energy-efficient price. We recommend keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees in the winter.

Space it out: Instead of heating your entire home, warm up only the room you’re in by using a space heater. Just remember to practice good safety habits and never leave a space heater on when you leave the room. You can see how much it costs to use a space heater by using our free space heater calculator at

reverse ceiling fanReverse it: Rotate the direction of your ceiling fans so that the blades rotate clockwise during the winter. This pulls cold air up and helps push warm air back down to you, as warm air naturally rises to the ceiling. The fan should run at the lowest speed.

Close after use: When your fireplace isn’t in use, make sure to keep the damper closed. Leaving it open allows cold air to flow into your home almost as if you had a window open. Just remember to open it before lighting your next fire.

Following these simple tips can help you save money during the coldest months of the year. If you’re looking for more ways to practice good energy efficiency habits, visit for additional resources.

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